Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery Before and After

Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery Before and After Michael%2BDouglas%2Bpr

Has Michael Douglas had plastic surgery? There are some (in)famous photos which do show what appears to be a facelift, however what else has been done? In my opinion, the big thing that stands out is how wide open his eyes are. The above photo is from his Wall Street days, while the below photo is very recent. It looks as though he’s either had an upper blepharoplasty or an endoscopic browlift. I would bet on the former, but he may also have had both I suppose. The reason his neckline continues to sag, even with a possible facelift, is because the skin of most 63 year old men with a history of sun damage does not have the strength to hold up as long as some women’s. The skin can tend to sag again somewhat quickly. Unfortunately, I see this in some of my older male facelift patients as well.

Michael Douglas continues to look younger than his 64 years. In my opinion, he’s had a good amount of work done. I would count an upper and lower eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) and facelift (maybe more than one) among the surgeries he may have had. Overall he does look pretty natural, especially when compared to some other plasticized male celebrities his age.

Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery Before and After michael%2Bdouglas%2Bpr

One of the keys to avoiding an overly operated, feminized look in male plastic surgery patients is to limit any tightening of the cheek area. Some male celebrities who’ve had obvious overdone facelifts exhibit a ‘sweeping look’ to the cheeks, making them look tight and overly pulled in an upward direction.