Kate Gosselin Tummy Tuck Surgery – Before and After Plastic Surgery

Tummy tucks are meant to remove excess, hanging skin (and the fat accompanying it) and tighten up the muscle layer underneath. Although Kate looks flat and tight when standing, it’s not surprising that her skin looks this way when sitting. Everyone has some skin that folds over when sitting down. We must, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to stand up straight. With Kate, however, that skin has been profoundly stretched out, so it’s not going to look as smooth as the skin of a person who has not had children.

Kate Gosselin’s appearance in a bikini has some questioning whether she has breast implants in addition to the tummy tuck she admitted to having. So does she have breast implants? I think so. It is unusual for a woman to have given birth to eight children, undergone a tummy tuck, and slimmed down to a tiny size, yet still retain natural, perky, firm, round, and large breasts. Usually when the tummy droops, so do the breasts, although often to a lesser extent.

Kate Gosselin Tummy Tuck Surgery   Before and After Plastic Surgery kate%2BgosselinShe’s had a tummy tuck, and overall looks great, especially for as many kids as she’s had. If you look closely you can see her scar (runs from hip to hip) which is the typical tradeoff of a tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty). There is also a circular scar around her belly button.