Demi Moore Admits to Leech Therapy

Demi Moore Admits to Leech Therapy Demi Moore Leech Therapy

On a recent appearance on David Letterman’s Late Show, Demi Moore admitted to undergoing a turpentine bath and leech therapy in order to “thin” and “detoxify” her blood. It occurred at some woman’s house in Austria. The leech was placed onto her belly button, where it latched and sucked blood until it was fully engorged and fell off.

I find it completely amazing that celebrities are comfortable admitting to ridiculous ‘treatments’ like this, yet still can’t admit they’ve had plastic surgery. It’s more appropriate for a Hollywood star to admit they’ve had high pressure water shot up their rectum (the celebrity colonic) than a facelift. With the slow trickle of stars coming forth and admitting their plastic surgery, maybe things will eventually change.