The Secret To Jessica Alba’s Killer Body, Laser Liposuction Treatments!

Jessica Alba has one of the most killer bodies in Hollywood, and after having had two children, has exclusively learned her secret to staying slim is laser liposuction treatments!

According to an insider, Jessica, 31, went to the Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday afternoon where she received their i-LIPO treatment on her stomach and thighs, as well as two cortisone shots.

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“Jessica had some laser liposuction treatment, which is a far less invasive way of melting away unwanted pockets of fat,” the source told

“She looks absolutely amazing already and really doesn’t need any help at all but she said she still feels self-conscious about the ‘stubborn fat’ that she can’t get rid of with exercise alone, so this is the ideal way of blasting them.”

Thread Lifts and Dr. 90210

Do the thread-based brow lifts work? Yesterday I watched a TiVo’d Dr. 90210 episode from 2 weeks back where Dr. Jason Diamond performed a browlift on a woman using threads. In the television show, the facial cosmetic surgeon described how these sutures work to lift the brow to a nicer position and are the newest, best thing going today. These threads can perform a brow lift without REAL surgery! Sounds too good to be true, right?

Unfortunately, it is. He subsequently wrote an article in this month’s Plastic Surgery Products magazine describing how these thread-based lifts do not work. He’s performed over a dozen of them, virtually all with zero visible results. He concluded his article by stating that these suture brow lifts do not work. In addition, he included the photos of the very same patient on Dr. 90210 whom he recently used to show the entire viewing public how great this procedure is! Now I suppose that this must show truth in advertising, as ONE of the two claims must be true. Either it is the best new procedure going today, or a complete sham. I would bet on the latter. It just shows that while you can’t necessarily believe everything you see on TV

Just noticed rippling with my silicone implants

So, as the title says, I just noticed some rippling when I was in the shower. I can mostly just feel it, but it’s a tiny bit noticeable when I bend over. I felt it at the bottom of my cleavage (both implants) and I can see it at the top of my right breast when I bend over. It looks horrible, I’ve never experienced rippling before, and I’ve had implants for over 3 years now! My last surgery was 4.5 months ago.
I’ve been using tight sports bras (so they’re squished together for the most part) – can this make the implants ripple more?

The implants I have now are soft gels, textured implants (1000 cc’s), above the muscle. I’m considering 1200-1300 cc’s, I’m worried this size will just make this problem even worse now? Would it be enough space to place them under the muscle? Maybe I have to change to a firmer type of gel?

Facial Plastic Surgery – Plastic Surgeons In Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is located in the western part of Los Angeles is part of the “Golden Triangle” with Holmby Hills and Bel-Air. E ‘was perhaps made famous by the popular, facial plastic, facial plastic surgery, surgery, show 1990 90.210 with Shannon Doherty and Tori Spelling among altri.La architect Wilbur Crook in the beginning of the architectural landscape that is now in force. With palm trees, monuments such as the Greystone mansion, Pickfair, the electric fountain and La Cienega Park may have attracted many surgeons to develop their practice of rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills.

Here are some names with a brief account .* Julie Edween, MDBorn in a family of Filipino immigrants, Dr. Edween is an example of the “American dream”. She is certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon whose practice was on the Discovery Channel “Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills” and, facial plastic surgery, the Learning Channel show “Body Work”. She graduated from the University of Medicine and Biosciences Kansas City magna cum laude, and then only in Facial Plastic Surgery Botsford Hospital, Michigan State University.

His scholarship has been completed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is located in the south California.You may contact Dr. Edween at 310-859-8885. The practice of Dr. Edween is 9201 Sunset Boulevard, at ground level, aesthetics M, Los Angeles, California .* Stephen Pincus, Pincus MDDR studied medicine at the Ohio State College of Medicine and went to New York, Bronx,, facial plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, Municipal Hospital Center College of Medicine for his internship.

He studied at the Hospital of UCLA Wadsworth, facial plastic surgery, . Dr. Pincus not only has a private practice, but an associate professor at the University of Southern California that provides valuable practical knowledge to his students. It ‘been certified by, facial plastic surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology and the Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.To contact Dr. Pincus, you can call to 310-306-2160. His office is located at: 4644 Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 409, Marina Del, , Ray, California .

* Lee Harrison, MDDR. Lee graduated, , from Tufts University with honors. He completed his specialization in oral and maxillofacial surgery and continued to receive another degree in 1992 from New York College. Dr. Lee continued his studies at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center and then on the study of plastic and reconstructive surgery under the famous Dr. Kramer. Dr. Lee is certified and was named top doctor in 2005. He created the Center for Plastic Surgery in Beverly Maxillofacial information Hills.

Recovery time for breast augmentation?

Question by miranda h: Recovery time for breast augmentation?

I am planning on breast augmentation in the near future. I am a massage therapist, so when I return to work I will be really using my upper body. My procedure will be under the muscle. I need a realistic opinion on how long it will take before I can return to work. Help!

Best answer:

Answer by ilanitifraimov
2 weeks minimum,because of your job you may even need 3 weeks off.

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Tummy Tuck Surgery At A Glance

The belly tuck, known as abdominoplasty, is really a surgical treatment in which surplus fat and skin is taken off the abdomen. A major improvement can be made by this procedure to the looks of whoever has huge abdominal muscles, as it can help tighten the muscles in the abdomen. Tummy tucks have become quite common for both women and men alike, particularly those who have experienced a dramatic weight reduction and are left with extra fat and a sagging stomach. The last result is just a simpler and flatter abdomen. There are several kinds of abdominoplasty which can be done to boost the looks of the stomach and the sort for you personally will depend on whether your doctor feels a tummy tuck is to be able or perhaps a simpler process. The foremost is the actual abdominoplasty or full tummy tuck. This calls for an incision from hipbone to the next that goes around the belly button. The lower skin is taken from the abdomen area up toward the bones and the physician will tighten the straight abdomen muscles. Any extra fat is removed all through surgery and your skin is stretched down and cut ahead of the flap is sewn into place. There is also the choice to get a mini tummy tuck that requires an inferior incision and less recovery time.

The endoscopic tummy tuck is ideal for people with extra fat, but with skin that really has great strength. Through a tiny camera inserted into the abdomen and the usage of small incisions, the abdomen muscles can be tightened and excess fat can be liposuctioned from the area. This leaves small scarring and is among the most widely used stomach place procedures performed. A panniculectomy is for folks who have lost a lot of weight and have an enormous overlap of skin in the stomach area. This skin is removed alongside any surplus fat.

The recovery time of a full tummy tuck is under six months and generally, in just a 2 year period, the scars will fade and flatten. It’s maybe not uncommon for those people who have had this process to experience pain in the area for several months after the surgery. It is very important to follow-up together with your surgeon in the event you experience any significant pain or discomfort, as it might be described as a sign of infection. If you’re considering finding a tummy tuck plastic surgery, youll want to do your research before you follow through. A medical doctor can recommend a surgeon to aid you, however, youll want to make sure you interview several before deciding upon who’ll do the process. Make certain your surgeon knows what you are wanting from the surgery and make sure you understand just what this surgery will or won’t do for you.

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